WHMCSBOT – Empower your WHMCS to Discord Today.

Secure API

Requests are authenticated by authorised IPs and controlled by Licencing.


Upload our WHMCS 7x or 8x compatible addon and activate, then select the functions you want to use.

Product Roles automated

You decide what roles are relevant to your products, when your clients are on your discord server, the bot manages any product role automatically so you can decide which channels roles have access.

Client Notifications

Once your clients are saved in the system the bot can notify them when auto actions happen on your cart or when product or service invoices are due for example, you decide.

Compatible with

WHMCS 7x & 8x

Automate your WHMCS client notifications to your Discord Server With Just One Tool

WHMCSBOT is a 3rd party Addon developed for WHMCS shopping cart. WHMCSBOT is a separate entity from & not assocoated with WHMCS ltd.